Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gifts for my Girls

Tonight was our last night of Wednesday night activities so I wanted to make a little "something" for my girls. My friend, Robyn, had a cute little frame that I saw the other night and she told me she got it at the dollar spot at Michael's. So, I was there the other day and looked and, sure enough, they had some! I got some in different colors and then after I bought them thought that, perhaps, I should have gotten them all in the same color that way the girls wouldn't be saying stuff like "Oh, I wish I'd gotten the pink one", etc. I decided the easiest way to take care of it was I wrapped them in decorated white paper sacks and just passed them around and told them they couldn't negotiate with each other! :) Here's the picture of all of them:
and a couple of them by themselves so you can see them close-up.

Here they are all wrapped up and ready to go!