Friday, April 9, 2010

BIG changes, coming SOON!!!

Oh my goodness! I was out of town for almost a week. Got back, was checking the Stampin' Up! (R) website and found out that BIG changes are coming in our color collections! They are totally doing away with the Earth Elements family group! They are getting rid of quite a few of our current colors, bringing back some old IN Colors and adding a few we haven't seen before! Here's a page that features what our new color collections will look like:
Here's the page that shows all the colors that will be retired! Can you believe it? That's a LOT!!
Definitely a few I'm sad to see go BUT I'm also excited to see some of the old In Colors come back plus get to know some new colors. Styles and fashions change and Stampin' Up! (R) is making sure we're staying on top of the current treads so I can't blame them for the change. I figured something had to be done soon since things had been the same for a while now. If you want to get some of the old colors before they're gone, make sure to place your order in the next couple of months! The current catalog ends at the end of June and the new colors will go into effect with the new catalog! Exciting stuff!

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