Monday, March 10, 2008


In order to get rid of some "dead weight" for our upcoming move I'm going through back issues of Creating Keepsakes dating all the way back to 1999!! What I've been doing is tearing out pages of layouts I like, making notes as to why I like them and then just putting all those pages in a folder. Then, I'm able to throw away the magazine. I'm now up to 2003 and have another years worth of magazines to go through and then I should be done! Anyway, because I do have stacks of ideas piling up, I really wanted to scrapbook over the weekend. I haven't done any since a couple of weeks ago when I did Ellie's opening page. We just had Ellie's pictures done around Valentine's Day and I have some really cute pictures of her PLUS I found a cute title from one of the tearout title things Creating Keepsakes used to do so I did a layout. It's only one sided right now because I can't decide which pictures to put on the opposite pages: other pictures of her in her Valentine sweater OR one of the other pictures from her photo shoot. If you have a suggestion, let me know. Here's the page:

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Hartman said...

That is great Joy!!