Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Convention was GREAT!!!

Wow time has flown by and it's been a while since I've posted anything. We have finally arrived at our new home in North Dakota and are getting things settled. In the midst of the chaos of boxes, I got to go to Stampin' Up!'s yearly convention in Salt Lake City. It was a great time getting to see friends, downline, uplines, sidelines, etc. plus 6000 of my closest demonstrator friends!! (Plus, I took the opportunity to get my picture with Shelli - the CEO and co-founder of Stampin' Up! (R)) There are some exciting things in store on the Stampin' Up! (R) front and I can't wait to share them with you! I've also started a new Stampin' Up! (R) website and you can check it out by clicking here. One of the exciting things coming this fall is the ability for you, my customers, to be able to order directly from my demonstrator website!! How cool is that? Any time, day or night you'll be able to order those supplies you need to make whatever project you might be working on!

So, more about convention. Well, first of all I realized the day before I left that my return ticket was scheduled for Saturday and not Sunday as it was supposed to be. NOT GOOD!!!! My wonderful husband tried to work some things from home for me but the cheapest we could find was a $345 ticket home. Unfortunately, that means I had to keep my original ticket and miss the last day of convention. I must really be in a chaotic state because not only did that happen but one of the days I was there I realized, while walking to the convention center that my engagement ring was not on my finger and I didn't remember taking it off. Well, when I returned to the room that afternoon we searched all over and couldn't find it. My friend, Dana, kept saying, "Joy, you were digging around a lot in your bag this morning, keep looking there." Well, sure enough, there it was in the bottom of my bag! I was so relieved and thankful - thankful not only to have found it but to have such good friends who were just as worried about not being able to find it as I was. THEN, that same night we were at a group meeting and I realized I didn't have my camera that had my ID and credit cards in it. I went back to the room thinking I had left it there but couldn't find it. I went back to the meeting room to find it and it wasn't there. I had to walk back to the convention center and PRAY that someone would be there that could help me. Well, the Lord was listening because I saw one girl coming out from one of the rooms that was on staff and asked her where I might be able to find a lost camera. She asked me what it looked like and if I'd had make and takes that day. I had, indeed, had make and takes and she told me they'd found one in that hall. Well, she walked with me all the way there and helped me to convince security to let us in. We looked all over where she thought it was there but couldn't find it. We then went back across the convention center to the Gathering Place to see if there was a lost and found at the Info Booth. She looked all around for me then came out and said, "Is this is?" I was so excited because, yes, it was!! I gave her a great big hug and thanked her for staying with me and helping me. Even funnier, I was looking at my pictures from convention and came across a picture I hadn't taken - it was the group who found my camera and she's in the picture!!! (The one who helped me is the 2nd one in from the left). The staff at Stampin' Up! (R) truly are amazing and I really do think the Lord was looking out for me because she doesn't normally help in the make and take area but they had needed extra help there that day so she'd come over to help! If that hadn't happened, she wouldn't have known what I was talking about! So, THANK YOU!!!

There was so much that happened at Convention and so much I learned and am excited to start trying to implement in my business but, to be honest, my favorite part was hanging out with my downline and other roomie (Amy's friend that joined us) and sharing ideas and trying to motivate one another. Plus, seeing my uplines Beverly and Mimi and being encouraged by them - especially while out running with them one morning! I hope you'll stay posted for more information about the exciting things going on with Stampin' Up! (R) and if you're up for making some great new friends and being part of a fantastic company - contact me on how to become part of the Stampin' Up! (R) family!

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