Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

Yes, Christmas is over but I had taken some pictures of Christmas ornaments I made and thought the pictures turned out pretty cool so I wanted to share! These ornaments are SUPER EASY to make and turn out SO nice! All you need is clear glass ornaments, stamp pad ink refills, and glitter!! What's fun is changing the color of the glitter but using the same ink creates different results to the possibilities are endless! Plus, the glitter and all is on the INSIDE so no mess when you pick it up and touch it!
The first picture is of all the ornaments together - I made them to give to my MOPS group as a Christmas present for each mom plus I showed them how to make them so they could do it themselves if they wanted to! Here's a close-up of the red ornaments. I used the same red ink just different kids of glitter so that's why you see differences!For the green, I did use three different kids of inks and a few different glitters so I got a different result A LOT!!

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