Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I can't believe how much time has passed since I last posted anything on my blog. I apologize and thank you to those of you who still check in occasionally! Since my last post I have moved and I think I'm finally getting settled in enough to start stamping and, hopefully, holding classes. I do so miss getting together and sharing my love for this fun hobby. I have enjoyed doing a little stamping for myself, though, and have made a commitment to being better about actually SENDING cards to people. I used to be so good at it which is one reason I got into this business and then, oddly enough, found that the busier I was with "business" the less cards I sent! SO, to family and friends I apologize for letting that happen and please hold me accountable! If you're reading this blog and would like to get a hand-stamped card from me (even if we've never met) post a comment with your address, and I will send you one ASAP!!
Please stay updated as I'm having incentives and classes coming your way!!

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