Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Thank You Cards

A while back before Eliana was born, I got on a role of making Baby thank you cards to send for shower gifts and gifts we got in the mail. I got quite a few made but, unfortunately, after they were gone, I haven't ever made any more so I'm WAY behind on sending out thank you's! So, if you sent us a gift, we do appreciate your thoughtfulness and we apologize for not thanking you sooner! Before I mailed any cards, I did take a few pictures and I really like how they look all together so I decided to share a couple of the pictures. As you can tell, I went with a pink and brown theme and everything I used has since been discontinued but I still love them. Using patterned paper can make your cards quick and easy plus spice them up at the same time!

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Anonymous said...

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