Thursday, February 28, 2008

Yes, I'm Here!

It's been a while since I posted anything because I've been a little busy trying to get my taxes together to send my mom (who works for H&R Block and can do mine for free). I think I've about got that done so I took some time yesterday to play. Because I do have a baby, I have lots of baby food jars and I hated just throwing them away (for some strange reason they don't recycle glass here) so I finally had the thought to save them and make them into little gifts to give my bunco pals at our last bunco (coming up in May). So, yesterday I put one together. This is what I came up with:
What do you think? I like the play on words "little things" because I'm probably going to fill them with "little" candy like mini m&m's or something like that. Plus, it's a little jar. Post a comment and tell me what you think! I doubt I'll make them all the same but this one came together pretty easily. Yes, I'm still loving the scallop circle punch - what's not to love about it?!


Amy said...

The jar looks great! I thought many times about doing the same when Evan was eating baby food, but never got around to it. Make sure you post the other's you make too.

Mel Nunn said...

Oh so cute! I am yet to get myself the scallop punch, but I certainly want to. What a great idea for your friends!

Hartman said...

Nice Joy!!