Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ian's Valentine Mailbox

Ian ended up not having school yesterday. Apparently there have been so many illnesses, the school decided to close on Friday so they could come in and disinfect (sp?) everything. So, that means we had an unexpected day together. It worked out well because it gave us some extra time to do his mailbox for class that was supposed to be due Friday but because of no school it's due Monday! I allowed Ian to pick whatever patterned paper he wanted and he ended up picking this paper that I think was from last year's Sping mini. I tried to be good and let him have "creative control." I did draw the line when he wanted to use red ribbon, though! {smile} Because it's for school, we did his name on the front. I think it turned out pretty cute and he really likes it and that was the point!

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Amy said...

I like it too! Great job, Ian (and Joy).