Friday, February 1, 2008

Projects for Spouse Social

I was asked to do a craft for a spouse social that's happening on Monday and I finally sat down to put it together last night (nothing like the last minute, right? Actually I wouldn't put it past me to have waited until Sunday evening so, technically, I'm a little ahead! {smile}). This is what I came up with. These are supposed to be for our hubby's but what's nice is that it could be for a friend, too. The picture on the top is the projects with the pull-out closed and the one on the right is with the pull-treat open so you can see what it does. For the card I used a set that's been retired for years but I love it and thought it was appropriate for that night since the theme for the evening is CHOCOLATE!! From my previous post you can tell I've been on a Baroque Motifs kick so I thought it only right to use it for the pull-treat. I would say for $2 the ladies that come and do these are getting a pretty good deal, wouldn't you?

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Amy said...

You did an awesome job creating these projects. I wish I could attend the social!