Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bow Holders

I finally got the last of the bow holders made from the craft fair back in December and delivered them yesterday. I have one more still to get to the rightful owner but I feel like at least I'm making progress! I was so glad to hear that the people who ordered them liked how they turned out! Here are the three I delivered yesterday!

This is actually for my neighbors little girl - Marlene. Her room colors are pink and brown, so I went with those. Because the "M" was so much bigger than the other letters, I had to do a bigger base and do it horizontally with more ribbons - so she lucked out! :)

These holder are for twin sisters and she requested one to be pink and one to be purple. I came up with these and was a little nervous as to whether or not she would like that I combined them but she told me she loved it and since they share a room they were perfect! I was so happy to hear that! When I was making them the only thing I was disappointed about was that I didn't have purple ribbon that matched so I had to stick with pink and white ribbon. All-in-all though I thought they turned out pretty cute!!

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